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the best coconut briquette supplier

Wrong briquette specification on target market, customers will ignore you. When you customize your briquette that suit your target market with us, orders and profits increase.

shisha briquettes

We carefully select only High Quality ingredients to produce The Best Shisha Briquette available.

bbq briquettes

We use 100% Natural Ingredients, so it’s save using for food consumption such as grilling and roasting.

How Much Wrong Specification Costing You?

Most Briquette Charcoal Businesses struggle to dominate their target market that generates steady cashflow.

When your product doesn’t match your potential loyal customer wants…

Your existing customers don’t reorder your product.

Easy to replace your brand with your competitors brand.

Your potential customers don’t buy your product.

People don’t pay attention to your brand when you do marketing.

You struggle to stand out in a crowded market.

Nobody pick your product at supermarket shelves.

Manufacturing Briquette Charcoal that suit your target market demand it should be easy and it should work!

You will get The Highest Quality Briquette Charcoal that suit your target market demand, and also we’ll get you the best Shipping Rate as possible, so you will grow your business faster and become profitable and successful.

The Best Briquette Charcoal for Your Business

Most Shisha and BBQ Briquette Charcoal Businesses difficult to find reliable supplier that can customize their product specification according to their target market and customers demand.

We will help you providing Specific The Best Quality Briquette Charcoal for Middle East, Europe, America, and Asian demand, that will effectively give your customers unforgettable Experience.

You will have satisfied loyal customer that will give you sustainable revenue and stable cash flow, so your business will grow well and profitable.

Charcoal Selection

Getting your Charcoal that fits your market and needs.

Shisha briquette

Heating Shisha

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  • Premium Quality for smoking Shisha.
  • 100% Natural that made from selected High Quality Coconut Shell Charcoal and Cassava Starch as binder.
  • Long Time and High Burning Temperature.
  • Less ash, no crack, no smoke, no odor, and no harmful chemical.
  • High temperature burning.
  • Click “PRICE & SPECS” to see Price List and Grades Specification detail information.

bbq briquette

Economical Slow Roasting

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  • The only economical solution for long-hour slow-roasting BBQ.
  • Using natural ingredients: compressed Wood Charcoal or Sawdust with Starch Binding Material.
  • No harmful chemical ingredients added.
  • 100% Food Grade Quality.
  • Click “PRICE & SPECS to see Price List and Grades Specification detail information.

tropical hardwood

Industrial & Restaurant

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  • Used for grilling steak and BBQ.
  • Taken from tree branch.
  • Using Natural Hardwood only.
  • Mixed type of Wood using Halaban, Rambutan, and Coffee.
  • High temperature burning.
  • Click “PRICE & SPECS” to see Price List and Grades Specification detail information.

Get Premium Quality Briquette with Easy Simple Steps

Tell Us Your Needs

Let us know the quantity and specification that you need.


Business Deals

Find agreements on Payment Terms and Conditions.


We produce, pack, and ship the Briquette Charcoal to you.

Worldly-Known Coconut Islands

We get our Coconut from the island of Sumatera and Sulawesi, which are worldly-known as the best and most abundant Coconut plantation in the world.

The Best Abundant Supply

We only pick the best quality Coconut Shell Charcoal which is the mature one.

We also only select Coconut plants with a high fertility rate, which is close to a water source, so that the Coconut Shells that being produced are of high quality.

100% Natural Ingredients

We only use Natural Ingredients, in order to produce The Highest Quality Charcoal Briquettes.

We use Coconut Shell Charcoal as our main ingredient and Cassava Starch as a binder.

Quality Control Manufactured

We have International Standard that consistently tested by laboratories and surveyors to ensure always be in The BEST Quality.

Carefully Packed

Coconut Charcoal Briquette packed inside the boxes and loaded to the container with safety cover that ensure it is safe for Ocean Shipment.

International Shipping

We work closely with professional Shipping Lines to ensure that your goods arrive properly and on time.

What Do I Get?

These are the specification:

  • High Burning Temperature
  • Long Burning Time
  • No Addictive Chemical
  • No Crack
  • No Odor
  • No Smoke
  • Less Ash


Committed producing only The Best Products for Customer Satisfaction.

Our company has more than A Decade of Experience in producing Briquette Coconut Charcoal and has produced High Quality Products according to International Standard and supplied them to several countries.

When we deal with consumers, it is certain that consumers will look for The Highest Quality Products as possible.

Don’t be tempted by really cheap products offering, for sure the quality has been compromised. All briquette entrepreneurs who have been in this field for a long time for sure know about price range for The Highest Quality Product.


We’re looking forward for your visitation.
















































































































































































































































































Come and visit our factory to see the whole production process, and also discuss about product customization according to your needs.

You are also free to come during the production process to ensure your order goes well according to standards and agreements.


Femke de Vries

“I’ve been working with Bioflame for the past few years, and I’ve been very impressed with their service. They’re always quick to respond to my inquiries, and they always go the extra mile to make sure I’m happy with my order. I would highly recommend Bioflame to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy international Export Import charcoal business.”

Maximilian Müller

“I’ve been using Bioflame for all of my charcoal needs for the past few years, and I’ve been nothing but impressed. Their customer service is top-notch, their prices are competitive, and their selection of charcoal is unmatched. I’ve never had a problem with any of the charcoal I’ve ordered from them, and I always receive my orders quickly and in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Bioflame to anyone looking for high-quality charcoal.”

Jakub Kowalski

“I’ve been working with Bioflame for a while now, and I’m so glad I found them! They’re always so easy to work with, and they always go above and beyond to make sure I’m happy with my order. I recently needed a large shipment of charcoal for a big event, and Bioflame was able to get it to me in time and at a great price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy international export import charcoal business.”


what are the main ingredients?
  • We use 100% Coconut Shell Charcoal as main ingredient and Cassava Starch as binder.


  • It is 100% Natural and safe for consumers.
Can I request a sample product?
  • Sure!

    We provide 1 kg FREE sample, you just only pay for the delivery cost.

    Please fill contact-us form below and your DHL Account Number. We’ll ship it to you as soon as possible.

  • If you don’t have DHL Account number, we’ll ship it using UPS. We’ll inform you first about shipping cost to your address. As soon as the payment is confirmed (usually we use Paypal), we’ll process it and ship them to you.

  • Our Paypal Account: @cvenergimandiriindonesia
how much does your MQO?
  • The Minimum Order Quantity (MQO) is 20 feet container. Depends on the shape of your order size, the weight can vary.

  • For example, The Cube one sizes from 20 to 27 mm that can fit up from 18 ton to 19.5 ton per container.


  • The Finger or Hexagonal one requires more space. We can fit up to 15500 kg per 20 feet container.

    The volume depends also on the type of packaging. If you order all in an Inner Box, it will consume more space. For example, for 1 kg Inner Box will fit just 18 tones in 20 feet container.

  • If you order Bulk Packaging one (without Inner Box) in 10 or 20 kg master boxes – it will fit much more – up to 19500 kg per 20 feet container.

can i order less than 20 feet container?
  • We are very sorry, but we do not serve less than 20 feet Full container Load (LCL). It’s not efficient to produce less than 15 tones in one batch. 


  • And also, Briquette Coconut Charcoal is classified by Shipping Company as Dangerous Good when shipped by Ocean Freight. It is not allowed to ship Less than a Container Load (LCL) and will  always be kept separately from other goods.
how long do the production process?
  • Placing an order and finalizing the specification takes about 1 day.


  • After an Invoice is signed you may transfer the 50% Down Payment from Proforma Invoice. Keep in mind that all money transfer will be done on our Company Account in an Indonesian Bank. We do not use Personal Bank Accounts or non-banking transfers for Briquette Charcoal orders.


  • Production Time Briquette Charcoal:
  • 10 days for 20 feet container (about 18 tons), and
  • 14 days for 40 feet container (about 26 tons).


  • Inner Box or Master Box Printing: 2-3 weeks.

  • Packing Briquette Charcoal into Inner Plastic takes 3-6 days.

  • In Total is 25-30 days for the first order. Usually after contract or the second order, the box design has already ready, so the second order and after will be much faster about 2-3 weeks.
Do you ship worldwide?
  • Yes, we do. Please contact us about shipping rate to your country from Indonesia.
  • Note for the weekend all the shipping company is closed, so please kindly wait until Monday (or during weekday) that we may give you shipping rate update.
how long do shipping time?
  • It usually takes 20-40 days, depends on how far your country ports from Indonesian ports, but because of the uncertainty after Covid-19 and Russian-Ukraine War, it probably takes longer. We’ll surely give you update about any possible delay.

  • However, estimated transit time of container from Indonesian ports to ports:

    Port Klang (MYPKG) 3 – 5 days

    Jeddah (SAJED) 22 – 32 days

    Port Said (EGPSD/E) 19 – 23 days

    Barcelona (ESBCN) 25 – 30 days

    Rotterdam (NLRTM) 25 – 30 days

    Hamburg (DEHAM) 24 – 29 days

    Antwerp (BEANER) 25 – 30 days

    Gdynia (PLGDY) 40 – 45 days

    St. Petersburg (RULED) 40 – 45 days

    Novorossiysk (RUNVS) 30 – 45 days

    Los Angeles (USLAX) 30 – 36 days

    New York (USNYC) 34 – 41 days

    Melbourne (AUMEB) 18 – 25 days

Keep in mind, that transit time and departure date is depending on the shipping line and can be different from one shipment to another.

We ship the briquettes from Indonesia which is from Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta (IDJKT) or Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya (IDSUB).

Trans-shipment of containers is usually done via Singapore or Port Klang, Malaysia.

Trucking Containers from the Briquette Charcoal factory to port usually takes 12-18 hours. By car, it takes only 3 hours, but the truck drives slower.

Departure time to destination is every Friday, Saturday and Thursday, CY Closing is Monday, Wednesday and Friday accordingly.


Based on frequently requested by our existed customers, we usually take FOB, CNF, and CIF basis.

We are happy to help you recommending a good shipping line that match the International Standard of Dangerous Goods Cargo requirements.

  • Yes!

    We support OEM production and will produce Charcoal Products with your logo brand and packaging. Please send us your packaging design and we will print it for you.

    Our Best Seller Price includes printing the inner box with standard design. If you need different paper, laminating, or emboss, etc. Just let us know, we will recalculate the cost of printing and inform you as soon as possible.

  • You can choose Economical Price if you wish to get more affordable price. The quality is the same, the premium one, the difference is the packaging does not include The Inner Box (Bulk Packaging).

what are your payment terms?
  • The standard payment method is Bank Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). In other word, you send the payment from your Bank Account to our Corporate Bank Account in Indonesia. 


  • Generally, to make an International transfer you need only a Signed Invoice. But for some countries, such as Russia, you also have to open a “Deal Passport” based on a Framework Contract between your Company and our Factory.


  • We provide all documents, including Invoices, Contracts, and Framework Contracts, if needed. Please let us know, so we can fill it based on your data.


  • Money transfer takes from 1 to 5 days to hit our account. An average is 2 working days. After you perform a transaction, please send us a copy of the Payment Slip.


  • In the unlikely case of a problem with transferring money – something like you transfer, but we do not receive it – you can always request SWIFT confirmation from your bank.


  • Based on the SWIFT slip or confirmation, we can track the money status and know where did it stuck. But this occurrence is very rare. Usually, we receive the money in just a couple of days.


  • To make a money transfer we give you our Corporate Account Number and SWIFT Bank Code. Note, that we only use Corporate Bank Account in Indonesian Banks. We never ask to send money to personal accounts, via Western Union, or any nonbank payment method.


  • For Company Bank Account, we use Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk. (BRI) as one of the largest Banks managed by Indonesian state.


  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk. (BRI) has a direct connection with The First-Grade International Banks Globally. It is very easy to transfer and tracks the international payment.


  • In usual custom, you have to do a transfer two times. The first time is to make a Down Payment. The Down Payment at least is 50% of the Proforma Invoice.


  • The second time or it is also called Balance Payment – you pay the difference between the number of boxes of charcoal minus your Down Payment.


  • The actual (final) invoice might be slightly different from the initial one (Proforma Invoice), depending on the difference in the number of boxes for each container.


  • Usually, 20 feet container could load up to 18200 kg of charcoal, ie. 18200 inner boxes. But sometimes the box dimensions may be different. For example, we common receive mixed packaging order for one container. A part of the packaging order only with plastic and master box (Bulk Packaging), and the rest includes inner box, beside inner box and master box. This particular case causes variation in the final boxes dimension and number. The difference could be 50 boxes more or less.


  • That is why the balance or Final Invoice might differ for this number of boxes. The number of boxes are counted by an Independent Surveyor or Shipping Line staff and our manager at the factory.


  • The Balance Payment (Final Payment) is transferred against the Shipping Documents. It means that you have to transfer money after the original Bill of Lading is issued by the Shipping Line.

  • However, we do not accept L/C for the volume of lesser than 10 containers Briquette Charcoal.
  • Western Union, Bitcoin, Paypal, and others that not included in Bankable Payments are not accepted. Payment should be done in USD, free from issued bank charges.

How do I make payment?
  • All payments should be made via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) to our Company Bank Account in Indonesia.
  • We use Bank Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk. (BRI).
  • BRI Swift Code is BRINIDJA.


  • There are two transfer you have to make in one order:

  • First, Down Payment in Proforma Invoice.

  • Second, The Balance Payment in Final Invoice after all the boxes are loaded in the container.

what's your company bank account?
  • Our Company Bank Account Number is:
  • Bank         :   Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI)
  • SWIFT       :   BRINIDJA
  • Branch     :   KCU Pondok Gede
  • Account   :   03850-1001-349-304
  • Name       :   CV Energi Mandiri Indonesia

What do you do after I do the payment?
  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Down Payment first should be transferred at least 50% from Proforma Invoice as Down Payment. 
  • As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, we will start producing your order and printing boxes.
  • To load a 20 feet container usually takes 3 working days.
  • After the production process is done, we pack the Briquette Charcoal into inner plastic, then into inner box, at last into master box.
  • After that we label the boxes according to your requirements.
  • Stuffing container with Briquettes Charcoal takes 2 – 3 hours.
  • When the order is being prepared, we will prepare Shipping Documents:

    • Bill of Lading (B/L),
    • Certificate of Origin (COO),
    • Invoice, and
    • Packing List. 
  • It takes 3 – 5 days to prepare all the documents.
  • Right after that, we send you a copy of Bill of Lading (B/L) and Certificate of Origin by email. After we received the rest of 50% payment (paid in full), we will send you original documents via UPS or just a telex release.

How to order?

You can contact us:

  • Whatsapp +62-88-22-480-1439 or                            +62-812-1838-6339,
  • Email info@bioflameenergy.com, or
  • fill Contact Form below this page.

You can look at the specification and price from Charcoal Selection PRICE & SPECS Button (in this page, above this FAQ segment). We will contact you and discuss about specification, quantity, packaging, payment, shipping, etc.

Could we custom charcoal?

Yes, we know that different target market means different needs, so we will produce specific Briquette Charcoal Products and able to adjust quality and price according to the buyer specifications and requests. Our Charcoal Products are varying in shape and size based on buyer request.

How about quality control?

We are responsible and commit to The Highest Quality according to International Standard for producing The Best Briquette Charcoal.

We strictly control all stages from raw material selection, cleaning, carbonization to charcoal, drying, and produce them to making Briquette.

We only pick the best quality of Coconut Shell, which is the mature one from Sumatera and Sulawesi Island that already well-known for The Best Coconut producing Islands that produce less ash, high burning temperature, no smoke, and everything that making Premium Quality Briquettes Charcoal.

In order to ensure its quality, we test Briquette Charcoal products, we use a laboratory at Sucofindo, Carsurin, and PT. Beckjorindo Paryaweksana (as Independent Surveyors).

It is an independent laboratory and surveyor that tests our products on ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and other important parameters that make sure it’s safe for Ocean Shipment.

can we visit to survey your factory?


We are so happy and most welcome if you want to visit our factory, here in Indonesia.

Most of our first-time wholesale buyers come and visit our factory for the first time buy. You need to see the production process, our staff, packing, and stuffing the container.

From Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta International Airport, you may arrive at our factory for about 2 – 3 hours (depends on traffic).

Please let us know when you have a plan to visit a week before you arrive. We will arrange our schedule for you and accompany you to products testing and look around.

You may also visit anytime to monitor the production process and stuffing of the container.

global warming issue

We use abundant and sustainable natural ingredients which are Coconut Shell Charcoal and Cassava Starch in making this Briquette Charcoal.

By being responsible for the environment, our company committing to use and produce renewable and sustainable product that hopefully contributing to reduce the effects of Global Warming and also protecting our planet.

“most people don’t realize that different target market means different needs for customers. instead, for the same product specification (even worse, the cheap and low-quality ones, too) they sell it to their potential loyal customers, and then wonder why they can’t get steady cashflow.”

But what do you actually need to do to create a stronger business?

CV ENERGI MANDIRI INDONESIA with product line BIOFLAME ENERGY is all about helping you to get The Highest Quality that fits your target market demand that will create Great Customer Experience, so that you can focus growing your business faster.

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